Food Servings Organiser

Food Servings Organiser

To make sure that I am giving my body the nutrients that it needs every day I like to divide up foods into categories and then into meals.

For example, this is what I like to follow:



After you have completed personalising this menu plan for yourself, it’s time to make sure your definition of a serve is correct! Here is a little guide I like to keep on my fridge.



This helps you to make sure your body is getting a varied diet of correct proportions while still enjoying variety and flexibility!



Earring Organisation

Earring Organisation

Hey! Earring are great daily accessories but how do you keep them all organised? I have the answer! Wouldn’t it be so much easier if earrings didn’t come in pair? Instead of storing them all in a box I am storing them all IN an actual box!


To make this earring organiser:

  1. Find a nice cardboard gift box from a cheap store
  2. Use a large sewing pin or safety pin to poke holes into the lid of the box
  3. Put the earrings into the holes with the decorative side facing the outside
  4. Hold the earring in place with your finger and turn the lid upside down
  5. Lastly, fasten the back of the earring

Larger earrings may need more space in between them. I use the box to store extra back of earrings and other jewellery.


I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY organisation tutorial and I would love to hear from you!



Schedule Organisation

Schedule Organisation

Hey! I love having weekly plans and goals and here are the ways that I do so effectively!


Google Calendar

I love google calendar. It works with all different devices, can be used with others and so much better than a paper planner because events can be repeated for years to come.

As I don’t always have my phone on me, unlike some of my other Generation Y counterparts, I like to print it out onto A5 paper often to have a reference point when I am on the go.


Personal Adult Star Chart

Another system I use is my own personal star chart! This helps me to track when I have completed my goals within the week. I track things like calories eaten, exercise, studying and also blogging!

It is just a cute little table changed every week. I colour in the square when I have completed the task and therefore I can see what I need to work more on.


I like to also keep these schedules on an A5 clipboard covered in cool washi tape!


I hope that this has helped you with organising you own schedule!

Comment below your own thoughts and tips!



Medicine Organisation

Medicine Organisation

Hey! Pill containers are the best for organisation and preparation but did you know you can make alterations to your pill containers?

I have gone through many a pill containers and this set up is by the far the one I have stuck with for the longest!

I like to make up my pill containers 2 weeks ahead and I therefore have 2 of these.


I like this pill container because I don’t have to shake the whole container to get my pills out for that day potentially causing accidents, with this container I can take out the day’s individual container!

I don’t take pills at night at the moment but I still use the PM container because I find that fish oil tablets make other tablets go funny because of the moister, this way I can store them separately!


I have also altered them a bit by writing on permanent marker the day’s on the individual pill containers in case I drop them!

But, the best this I like about my pill containers is that I have hot glue gunned magnets to the back of it so that I can keep them on my whiteboard or on the fridge!!


I use the magnets to keep my medicine all on a whiteboard on my front door so I never miss it! I also put magnets on the back of another small container for my eye drops and used a suction shelve you use in the shower to hold my asthma puffers!



You can use any kind of pill containers but I have found that this has ticked all of the boxes for me! Anything about the withstand your alterations is perfect!!


I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below your own tips and tricks on pill organising!




Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards

Below are my ideas on how to organise your recipes. I am providing you with free printables to transfer all of your recipes onto and collate in an orderly fashion.


Recipe Cards

Transfer your recipes onto the free printable below. I recommend that you print in colour. You have been given the option of printing A5 recipe cards (2 on an A4 page to then be cut in half) or A4 recipe cards.

A4 Recipe Cards

A5 Recipe Cards

Before downloading these free printables please refer to our Privacy and Copyright page.



Once you have made all of your recipe cards, I would recommend that you collate them in order of nature. I would recommend your separate folders be: Nibblies/Snacks, Main (can again be separated into chicken,pork, beef, veggie ect.), Desserts and Occasional (e.g. Christmas recipes) but do whatever works best for your household.

I would also recommend that they are collated in an A5/A4 ring binder!


Enjoy and as always please like, comment, follow, double-click, share ect.





Budgeting. That thing you have to do as an adult so you don’t get half way through your pay period and not know what you’re going to eat until you get paid next. Below are my tips on how to make your money last longer!


1. First, figure out how much money you actually have to work with after tax and how much this is per week.


2. Split that income up into sections.

  • 20% of it go into a separate bank account for savings in case of emergency
  • 10% to charity to help others
  • 20% for things I want such as entertainment, phone bill, clothes and holidays
  • 50% to needs, this includes food, car maintenance, medicine, fuel, rent, and utilities.

This can be done in an excel spreadsheet like so (just an example).


I got the number next to savings by entering ‘=cell with total amount earned*0.2′
You would replace the italics with your respective cell and 0.2 with the percentage you want it to be. 0.2 = 20%, 0.5 = 50% ect.


3. If you would like, you can split this up again into specific parts/accounts. I split my needs and wants up again into the specific things I would spend that money on. Because I have a specific amount I need every week for medicine I put that amount into the cell and then split food and fuel 50%. Next to food the cell had entered ‘=(cell with money for needscell with money for medicine)*0.5′. Make sure that you have the brackets as your calculations will be incorrect. I also did the same for clothes and entertainment as my phone bill is the same every week.



4. Every week, enter in how much you have earned and transfer the respective amounts to separate bank accounts, separate cash in envelopes or write the numbers down!


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial I have provided you with if you have any comments or queries please comment below. Thanks!


School Bag Organisation Tips

School Bag Organisation Tips


You don’t have to spend half your life rummaging through your bag to find something, follow my school bag organisation tips!


1. Start with a bag that is comfy, has lots of pockets, adjustable straps and any specifics you need such as an insulated pocket or drink bottle holder. This may sound like hard work but I am very specific about what I want in a school bag and it has paid off, my school bags usually last at least a couple of years of love!


2. Keep only the necessities or the once weeklies.
If you are unlikely to use it at least once a week, don’t carry it around, obviously things such as panadol can be excluded in this rule but this is your own call.


3. Utilise sewing boxes. I love to keep my hairbands, panadol, cough lollies, bobby pins etc. all organised in a little sewing box. I have multiple of these and each are different with their own dividers.


4. Separate everything into specific parts of the bag. School work, food, medicine, phone/wallet that kind of thing. Give everything an area or place in the bag so that you can have a better idea of where to look for something. This can be done by using little bags, pockets or even just pieces of laminated paper.


5. To maintain this organised bag, pick one day in the week in which to clean it out! Going through and cleaning your school bag once a week will stop things such as mouldy sandwiches and lost permission notes.


Enjoy and please comment below with any feedback/comments you may have! 🙂