How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter

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Sometimes in job applications you have to write cover letters so I am here to help you. I hate writing cover letters because I know I want the job and deserve the job but the problem is that they don’t and you need to prove to them that you are putting the effort in to try and get this specific job and not just applying for every job out there.



A cover letter is a letter addressed to the business/individual stating why you want/should get the job advertised. These should be written in a formal manner and with perfect punctuation.
If the applicant can’t spell how can he keep a job?!



In a cover letter I like to start with a header that includes my name and my contact details. This is so they can offer you the job straight away when they finish reading the letter!
Next, formally address the company or the individual (If you don’t know what to write just say “To whom it may concern”).
Start the letter by stating your interest in the job and state the jobs title etc and say why you are so interested in the job, make them feel like you are nearly on your knees begging them to give you the job!



Next, prove to them why you deserve the job. Do you have specific qualifications suited to the job, personality traits, experience or a love of the industry?
Read the job ad carefully and try and figure out exactly the kind of person they are looking for. Also make sure that they advertisement doesn’t ask for anything specifically in your cover letter.



Lastly, show them that you are eager for the position and look forward to more information from them.

Finish off with your name and then there, you are done! You have finished your first cover letter.


At the end of the letter, if you feel as though if you were on stage that you just dropped the mic you’re doing it right!

Click the end of this sentence for a cover letter sample, enjoy! coverletter


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