6 Easy and Beautiful Mother’s Day Crafts for the Kids

6 Easy and Beautiful Mother’s Day Crafts for the Kids

Sick of getting corny cards or pooey smelling candles. Give the hubby and the kids a little nudge nudge with this post including 6 easy and beautiful mother’s day crafts!


1. Marbled Mugs

All you need is a container of water, a white ceramic mug and nail polish!

Drip the nail polish into the water and then the mug in the nail polish! Let it dry and there you go! Easy as that!

Experiment with multiple colours and colours that match furniture or decor!

Can be used to drink out of, as a pot planter, pencil cup or anything in between but make sure that if the mug is being used to drink out of that nail polish doesn’t go where a drink will!



2. String Art

Find a nice piece of wood and hammer nails onto the outside of the piece of wood and on the inside in a shape such as a heart, letter or star.. Use coloured or plain string or yarn to wrap around the nails avoiding the area inside or outside the shape (your choice). Tie off the string to make sure that it stays tight.





3. Spray Paint Art

Find the recipients favourite plant or flower or even a cut out of their favourite animal, object, item or place. Place this on top of a canvas as spray paint in the recipients favourite colour (or another colour that matches the room where it may be placed). Frame and wrap to give!

Have fun with the spray paint colours, you don’t have to spray paint the whole page to you could just do the outside of the object!


You can find the link to to tutorial here!





4. Have a movie night at home!

Click here to go to a great site which has free ticket printable tickets for mum, how cute!



5. Mum’s Emergency Chocolate Stash

Find the tutorial here! A little sewing box and chocolate/lollies will do the trick!



6. Mother’s Day Coupons

Find the blank downloadable coupons here or save the picture below and to get some ideas of what to write on them here!

For that extra special touch you could put them all onto a key ring or even in a business card holder book!



Enjoy and happy mothers day to all the mums (and dads and caregivers and grandparents ect.) out there!