Thankfulness Thursday Free Printable

Thankfulness Thursday Free Printable


It’s the middle of the week and it’s times like these when life starts feeling very mediocre.

But fear not! Sab’s Space is here to rescue you by helping you to acknowledge the things that you are grateful for day to day while challenging your vocabulary!

I hope that you enjoy this product but I ask that you please respect my request for this to be for personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

Thankfulness Thursday Printable

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Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards

Below are my ideas on how to organise your recipes. I am providing you with free printables to transfer all of your recipes onto and collate in an orderly fashion.


Recipe Cards

Transfer your recipes onto the free printable below. I recommend that you print in colour. You have been given the option of printing A5 recipe cards (2 on an A4 page to then be cut in half) or A4 recipe cards.

A4 Recipe Cards

A5 Recipe Cards

Before downloading these free printables please refer to our Privacy and Copyright page.



Once you have made all of your recipe cards, I would recommend that you collate them in order of nature. I would recommend your separate folders be: Nibblies/Snacks, Main (can again be separated into chicken,pork, beef, veggie ect.), Desserts and Occasional (e.g. Christmas recipes) but do whatever works best for your household.

I would also recommend that they are collated in an A5/A4 ring binder!


Enjoy and as always please like, comment, follow, double-click, share ect.



Assignment Organisation Schedule

Assignment Organisation Schedule


I this post I will be giving you my tips in school organisation and making sure that you don’t end up in the situation when someone asks you how your assignment is going and you have no idea what they’re talking about!

If you are lucky enough to receive an assessment schedule at the start of the year, don’t lose it! This is the best piece of paper you will ever see!

To make it less confusing and more pretty, add it into your own personal schedule like the one I have attached here: WeeklyAssesmentPlanner! Add in all of your classes at the top and the weeks in the term or year down the side. Print it out and add all of the assessments due into the table!


Enjoy and good luck xxx



How to Create a Store Specific Grocery List

How to Create a Store Specific Grocery List

agIn this tutorial I will teach you how to make a store specific grocery list in Google Sheets (Microsoft Excel can also be used) so that all of the items in the same aisles are together!

No more running from one side of the store to the other again!


1. Create a new document and make columns with the product e.g. fruit, room for type specifications’s, brand specifications e.g. granny smith, aisle number and a column for how many of that item you would like [for later]!



2. Go through your regular grocery store and write down all of the general items in each aisle (this can also be found through using their online shop sometimes or getting a shop map). To make sure that you don’t confuse the computer, give aisles that don’t have a number the number 0 if they are the first that you see when you enter the store like so…

grocery list 1.JPG



3. Sort the list by Aisle number by selecting the whole list, clicking ‘data’ at the top and then ‘sort range’. Check the box ‘data has a header row’ and then click the drop down menu and select ‘Aisle Number’ and ‘A -> Z’ so that it sorts the list from zero to 10 by aisle number.

grocery list 2.JPG



4. Now, we want to delete the items that you want none of so select the table and then click ‘data’ and then ‘filter’ and your spgrocery list 3readsheet should look like this!




If you click the little arrow next to the ‘number of items’ column, filter by values and uncheck zero and then click okay the items that you don’t want anything of will all magically disappear! (You can also instead click ‘filter by condition and then ‘greater than’ and type in zero it will do the same thing!)

There you go! If you print the document and make sure you also bring a clipboard and pen to the grocery store you will be in and out in a jiffy!

To download this sample click the link at the end of this sentence. Grocery List

Enjoy and please comment below with any suggestions or questions! 🙂

For a bit of fun you can also click the explore button on the bottom right on the spreadsheet and it can tell you how many different things you need to get from each aisle and how many of each kind of product you are buying!

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How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter

Hey guys!

Sometimes in job applications you have to write cover letters so I am here to help you. I hate writing cover letters because I know I want the job and deserve the job but the problem is that they don’t and you need to prove to them that you are putting the effort in to try and get this specific job and not just applying for every job out there.



A cover letter is a letter addressed to the business/individual stating why you want/should get the job advertised. These should be written in a formal manner and with perfect punctuation.
If the applicant can’t spell how can he keep a job?!



In a cover letter I like to start with a header that includes my name and my contact details. This is so they can offer you the job straight away when they finish reading the letter!
Next, formally address the company or the individual (If you don’t know what to write just say “To whom it may concern”).
Start the letter by stating your interest in the job and state the jobs title etc and say why you are so interested in the job, make them feel like you are nearly on your knees begging them to give you the job!



Next, prove to them why you deserve the job. Do you have specific qualifications suited to the job, personality traits, experience or a love of the industry?
Read the job ad carefully and try and figure out exactly the kind of person they are looking for. Also make sure that they advertisement doesn’t ask for anything specifically in your cover letter.



Lastly, show them that you are eager for the position and look forward to more information from them.

Finish off with your name and then there, you are done! You have finished your first cover letter.


At the end of the letter, if you feel as though if you were on stage that you just dropped the mic you’re doing it right!

Click the end of this sentence for a cover letter sample, enjoy! coverletter


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