Schedule Organisation

Schedule Organisation

Hey! I love having weekly plans and goals and here are the ways that I do so effectively!


Google Calendar

I love google calendar. It works with all different devices, can be used with others and so much better than a paper planner because events can be repeated for years to come.

As I don’t always have my phone on me, unlike some of my other Generation Y counterparts, I like to print it out onto A5 paper often to have a reference point when I am on the go.


Personal Adult Star Chart

Another system I use is my own personal star chart! This helps me to track when I have completed my goals within the week. I track things like calories eaten, exercise, studying and also blogging!

It is just a cute little table changed every week. I colour in the square when I have completed the task and therefore I can see what I need to work more on.


I like to also keep these schedules on an A5 clipboard covered in cool washi tape!


I hope that this has helped you with organising you own schedule!

Comment below your own thoughts and tips!




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