Medicine Organisation

Medicine Organisation

Hey! Pill containers are the best for organisation and preparation but did you know you can make alterations to your pill containers?

I have gone through many a pill containers and this set up is by the far the one I have stuck with for the longest!

I like to make up my pill containers 2 weeks ahead and I therefore have 2 of these.


I like this pill container because I don’t have to shake the whole container to get my pills out for that day potentially causing accidents, with this container I can take out the day’s individual container!

I don’t take pills at night at the moment but I still use the PM container because I find that fish oil tablets make other tablets go funny because of the moister, this way I can store them separately!


I have also altered them a bit by writing on permanent marker the day’s on the individual pill containers in case I drop them!

But, the best this I like about my pill containers is that I have hot glue gunned magnets to the back of it so that I can keep them on my whiteboard or on the fridge!!


I use the magnets to keep my medicine all on a whiteboard on my front door so I never miss it! I also put magnets on the back of another small container for my eye drops and used a suction shelve you use in the shower to hold my asthma puffers!



You can use any kind of pill containers but I have found that this has ticked all of the boxes for me! Anything about the withstand your alterations is perfect!!


I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below your own tips and tricks on pill organising!





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