Hiking Tips

Hiking Tips

Hey! I have gone on a few hiking trips in my time and here are my tips on having the best time ever!


  • Pack heavy things close to your body
  • Try and keep weight even on both sides
  • Get a pack with good shoulder pads and an adjustable waist pad
  • Make sure people know where you are and your plans
  • Have a first aid kit (may seem obvious but you will use a lot of bandaids)
  • Prioritise the health of your feet because they are now your only form of transport
  • Have good quality waterproof hiking shoes that go up to the top of your ankle
  • Always have dry socks
  • Use your pack as a pillow
  • Where all of your clothes during the night to keep you warm
  • Try and find a rhythm with your walking so the time passes quicker






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