Malamoo 3-Second Tent X-tra Large Review

Malamoo 3-Second Tent X-tra Large Review

Hey! Here is my review on my Malamoo X-tra large 3-second tent that I have owned for over 2 years now!


You can find the specs and purchase information for this product here.



The size of the tent is great length wise. I can easily fit everything I need for a couple of weeks inside the tent plus myself and a mattress. Can easily sleep 2 although says can sleep 3. Height is a little bit of a problem for me although I wouldn’t go and replace it because that would just mean more time packing up- which I hate!



It took many goes for us to understand how to fold the tent back in its circular bag for the first time but after watching some youtube videos we got the hang of it. You may want to practise this before taking it out camping for real!


Water Resistance

I have taken this tent camping once when we were flooded. I was very dry in this tent although I did have to close the ‘door’ for maximum rain resistance, the tent walls only sweat a little bit in the night. Also does well in the wind, not too noisy.



I enjoy the ‘entryway’ in this tent (although it did get quite muddy at times), as well as the ‘pergola’ and fly screen the match it.


I hope you enjoy this review and that it helps you in deciding what to purchase. Please comment below with your own thoughts and opinions. If this goes well I might even review more of the product I own!





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