School Bag Organisation Tips

School Bag Organisation Tips


You don’t have to spend half your life rummaging through your bag to find something, follow my school bag organisation tips!


1. Start with a bag that is comfy, has lots of pockets, adjustable straps and any specifics you need such as an insulated pocket or drink bottle holder. This may sound like hard work but I am very specific about what I want in a school bag and it has paid off, my school bags usually last at least a couple of years of love!


2. Keep only the necessities or the once weeklies.
If you are unlikely to use it at least once a week, don’t carry it around, obviously things such as panadol can be excluded in this rule but this is your own call.


3. Utilise sewing boxes. I love to keep my hairbands, panadol, cough lollies, bobby pins etc. all organised in a little sewing box. I have multiple of these and each are different with their own dividers.


4. Separate everything into specific parts of the bag. School work, food, medicine, phone/wallet that kind of thing. Give everything an area or place in the bag so that you can have a better idea of where to look for something. This can be done by using little bags, pockets or even just pieces of laminated paper.


5. To maintain this organised bag, pick one day in the week in which to clean it out! Going through and cleaning your school bag once a week will stop things such as mouldy sandwiches and lost permission notes.


Enjoy and please comment below with any feedback/comments you may have! 🙂



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