Budgeting. That thing you have to do as an adult so you don’t get half way through your pay period and not know what you’re going to eat until you get paid next. Below are my tips on how to make your money last longer!


1. First, figure out how much money you actually have to work with after tax and how much this is per week.


2. Split that income up into sections.

  • 20% of it go into a separate bank account for savings in case of emergency
  • 10% to charity to help others
  • 20% for things I want such as entertainment, phone bill, clothes and holidays
  • 50% to needs, this includes food, car maintenance, medicine, fuel, rent, and utilities.

This can be done in an excel spreadsheet like so (just an example).


I got the number next to savings by entering ‘=cell with total amount earned*0.2′
You would replace the italics with your respective cell and 0.2 with the percentage you want it to be. 0.2 = 20%, 0.5 = 50% ect.


3. If you would like, you can split this up again into specific parts/accounts. I split my needs and wants up again into the specific things I would spend that money on. Because I have a specific amount I need every week for medicine I put that amount into the cell and then split food and fuel 50%. Next to food the cell had entered ‘=(cell with money for needscell with money for medicine)*0.5′. Make sure that you have the brackets as your calculations will be incorrect. I also did the same for clothes and entertainment as my phone bill is the same every week.



4. Every week, enter in how much you have earned and transfer the respective amounts to separate bank accounts, separate cash in envelopes or write the numbers down!


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial I have provided you with if you have any comments or queries please comment below. Thanks!



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