School Folder/Binder Organisation

School Folder/Binder Organisation

Binders. You need them but you hate them. I have saved you the hassle of searching for the perfect set up by showing you my most recent, new and improved binder organised to perfection!


1. Bring every subject, every dayThe amount of times people forget to repack their binder in the morning or think that it’s Friday when it’s really Wednesday, I don’t have to worry about any of that! I also don’t have to worry about not having my work from other subjects with me to do in my study periods!


2. I sort by binder/folder in order of subject with manilla folders in between! Manilla folders are the best, I found them in all different colours at Officeworks so I mixed and matched! Punch holes in them too to put them in! You could also use a document holder made for binders or a letter file instead as a separator!


3. Make it interesting! If your binder is boring how are you going to get excited about studying? Make it colourful, engaging, funny, customizable, anything to make you more likely to actually use it! Use washi tape, colouring sheets, glitter, let your imagination run wild!


4. Use a calendar. You have a lot of options on how to do this but whatever you do, have a calendar, I don’t know how people survive without one! You can find free A4 printables online (daily, weekly and monthly ones!) or use a diary and have a pocket/folder for it to go into.


5. Have an assignment schedule easily accessible. Learn how to make your own here: Assignment Organisation!


6. Make a time every week to clean your folder out. It just makes everything easier! Use class time to concentrate on class, not trying to find a piece of paper you got yesterday.


I use a binder like this one because nothing can fall out and it’s good for protecting valuable documents on rainy days!



Enjoy and comment below your own tips!




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