4 Pro Audacity Tips

4 Pro Audacity Tips

Hey! I love Audacity! It is a voice recording program that I even use to record my radio show!

Below I will show you some of my little tips and tricks to make your experience with Audacity even better and more professional!
1. When I record my radio show I love to play music behind my voice, it gives the audience another option of something to listen to and I think it just makes it less awkward! To do this, record or open one piece of sound (a.k.a. either the music or voice) into audacity, then import the other and copy and paste it where you want! There done!


2. If your recording is too soft or loud, select the art that you want to change by clicking and dragging, click effects at the top and then amplify and OK! To make it louder drag the arrow up a bit and vice-versa. Don’t make too many extreme changes though because amplifying it also changes the pitch!




3. To remove background noise from your recording, highlight the section of the recording you want to change or just the whole recording, se3lect effect from the top menu and then noise removal and OK!


4. To make it easier to give your file to others and work with the file, export it by clicking file when you have finished, then export audio, find where you want to save it, name the file, and then click the drop-down menu under file type and choose the file type. (I would recommend mp3) You will then be given the option to give the file an artist name, genre ect. Do that and then click OK!




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