How to Create a Store Specific Grocery List

How to Create a Store Specific Grocery List

agIn this tutorial I will teach you how to make a store specific grocery list in Google Sheets (Microsoft Excel can also be used) so that all of the items in the same aisles are together!

No more running from one side of the store to the other again!


1. Create a new document and make columns with the product e.g. fruit, room for type specifications’s, brand specifications e.g. granny smith, aisle number and a column for how many of that item you would like [for later]!



2. Go through your regular grocery store and write down all of the general items in each aisle (this can also be found through using their online shop sometimes or getting a shop map). To make sure that you don’t confuse the computer, give aisles that don’t have a number the number 0 if they are the first that you see when you enter the store like so…

grocery list 1.JPG



3. Sort the list by Aisle number by selecting the whole list, clicking ‘data’ at the top and then ‘sort range’. Check the box ‘data has a header row’ and then click the drop down menu and select ‘Aisle Number’ and ‘A -> Z’ so that it sorts the list from zero to 10 by aisle number.

grocery list 2.JPG



4. Now, we want to delete the items that you want none of so select the table and then click ‘data’ and then ‘filter’ and your spgrocery list 3readsheet should look like this!




If you click the little arrow next to the ‘number of items’ column, filter by values and uncheck zero and then click okay the items that you don’t want anything of will all magically disappear! (You can also instead click ‘filter by condition and then ‘greater than’ and type in zero it will do the same thing!)

There you go! If you print the document and make sure you also bring a clipboard and pen to the grocery store you will be in and out in a jiffy!

To download this sample click the link at the end of this sentence. Grocery List

Enjoy and please comment below with any suggestions or questions! 🙂

For a bit of fun you can also click the explore button on the bottom right on the spreadsheet and it can tell you how many different things you need to get from each aisle and how many of each kind of product you are buying!

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