Clothes Coordination and Autism

Clothes Coordination and Autism

Hey guys!

Below is some information on how to help kids and adults with autism with clothes coordination and organising. These tips come form experience and may not work for all but hey, worth a try!



1. Organise all of your outfits and clothes for the week in one go!

This may help relieve stress and also stop the wearing of dirty clothes or outfits or spots and stripes together!

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2. Use show organisers to store undies etc. for the week, all ready to go!



3. Always try on clothes before you buy them to make sure that they feel right

Nobody likes scratchy jumpers or tight pants, trying on clothes before you buy them can avoid this, you can also keep the tags on them the first time you wear them to make sure that they are truly comfortable so that if they aren’t, you may be able to return them and get your money back!



4.  Try new things to make life easier!

Velcro shoes, slip ons, rubber laces, elastic pants, zip free jackets, do some experimenting!

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Goodluck and I hope that this site can help to make your life just that little bit easier!

For more posts like this please click here! xxx



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